"From the minute I enter, the tranquillity emanates from this place of sanctuary and relaxation. I strongly recommend you visit Liara’s blissful place and become rejuvenated as I have become."
Dale. High School Teacher. Blue Mountains

"I always look forward to my monthly sessions with Liara. She creates such a calm and welcoming space. Liara takes the time to see exactly what I need and makes sure I leave feeling relaxed and pampered."
Merryl. Senior Manager, Australian Public Service. Sydney

"Liara is that rare person who can access higher levels of healing, use them safely and powerfully to clear and heal the most difficult health and life problems. As a trainer in Transpersonal Methods of helping others I can certainly affirm her abilities. For help Liara has given me, she has my deepest gratitude."
Bakti. Retired Manager, Healing Centre. Blue Mountains.

"I have been consulting Liara now for 10 months and the drive is worth it. I could not make decisions about anything. One person told to do this, another to do that. Liara did not tell me to do anything. She helped me access my inner desires and set up goals and a long term vision and then set out a plan to accomplish these. I am now 1/3 way through new study which has already brought me higher pay in my current position and set me on a path towards a retirement plan that I know will work. I've attracted a new man into my life as well !"
Bronwyn. Accounts Manager. Wollongong.

"Liara is truly the "'coaches coach" After a career spent coaching thousands of individuals to achieve their own individual goals and potential, it was time for me to address my own "life goals" being restricted by many years of masking and hiding from the "truth" Through Liara's professional kindness, skill, and relentless commitment to remove all the filters and unlock the innermost fears, I was able to live again ! The positive changes to relationships, family, business are immeasurable. She is the consummate professional and guides others to be the best they can be."
Andrew. Small Business Manager/Butchery Owner. Blue Mountains.

"My life transformed after my husband booked me a massage with Liara after giving birth to our first baby 9 years ago. Having had massages & facials all over the world, I feel so incredibly fortunate to have found someone that is at the top of her game. She gives so much of her time, really hearing me talk before I even get to the table. Her ongoing care has made an immense difference to the quality of my life. Thank you Liara !"
Bonnie. CEO Cleaning Business and Entrepreneur. Blue Mountains.

"I found Liara through a friend who has now passed away. She helped me deal with my friend’s illness and then her death, a terrible time in my life. I felt hopeless and alone and Liara was always able to make time to see me when I panicked at the most odd times. The way she did this was through sitting me down and really listening hard and getting me to rethink some of the damaging ways I was seeing my friends death. Then I would lie down and have reflexology, filling me up with energy. I cannot recommend this way of counselling and healing enough. It's worth the trip."
Sally. Real Estate Manager. Northern Beaches, Sydney.