Global  for the WHOLE of you... Body, Mind and Heart. Take yourself Global and nourish all of you.

Life is what happens to you each day. It is also your relationship to your planet and nature. Are you yet living your true potential?

Mastery involves learning proven techniques to navigate daily challenges. This reduces the impact of difficult moments. Mastery increases self-efficacy in each area of life. No problem is insurmountable. Mastery enhances Thinking, Feeling and Relating skills.

Being Masterful reminds you of whom you were born to be. Everyone’s life purpose is to become the Master of their destiny.


I offer a wide range of massage therapies such as stress relief (remedial), relaxation, oncology and lymphatic drainage.

Reflexology includes a warm foot bath in magnesium salts, relaxing oils and warmed towels. Facial Reflexology combines facial Reflexology, Indian face massage and Vietnamese pressure point therapy.

Cranial Sacral Balancing is a deeply relaxing, gentle manipulation of muscle tissue, the fascia surrounding the brain and spinal column. This area contains all the nerves charging your organs and once relaxed encourages normal organ function and pain relief.

Through counselling and bodywork, Dynamic Healing takes you through the locked in experiences to see them, experience what was put on hold long ago and then completely release them from all of you.

Stretching daily takes only five minutes and will assist to keep you pain free, limber and away from constant and costly therapy.